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  • in illustrator or CorelDraw

    How can i set dots center of the text as per this link. I tried this by giving a line in the center of the text and then give stroke dashing line with 0 dash and with some no. of gaps. getting issue with this method. if i do corner fix then each separate line has different space between dots.

    each dots has equal spacing. How can i do this.

    Please give me any idea or hint.

  • Place each dot manually for best results.

  • Manual will be my last option.

  • Even if you can convert a font to a path(you can't, fonts have outlines for paths), you wont get a writing vector. There is no set drawing direction/ library, those are subjective, and no one is going to agree to the specifics.

    IE make your own.

  • Manually as in do whatever you can using align and distribute after choosing the size and number of dots you have, then repositioning to fit curves ect.

    Even the example you gave, it is immediately obvious they also did it by hand, considering where concessions had to be made such as lining up the curve in B, the different spacings for E and F, and the different dot sizes in the I.

    Sometimes there is no easy way out, and even in this case doing the dots for just 26 letters is not really much work.

    Your method of using a patterened line is fine, but you'll just have to handle the line junctions smartly yourself.

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  • I found a way of doing this. it is a mixture of automatic and manual.

    First I did inner outline to text and thickness of outline increased until it show me center of the text then i draw lines following the gap created by outline by doing this I got center line of the text. after that i used blend option to distribute dots on entire line. To maintain equal spacing between all alphabets I first created 2 dots with required spacing between them and then in the alphabets i increased number of dots in blend option until they matched spacing with my sample 2 dots.

    and i got what i want. that's it.

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