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  • Hey everybody, I've looked at this software called clearString on and off for a long time and I've spent a good deal of time searching all over the place for some information about it from a reputable third party source. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything that doesn't originate from the creator of the software himself.

    Basically, I feel like this software is too good to be true. It looks incredible, and appears to provide functionality to nearly all essential web application functionality (this is NOT a game-making software, though). I have also discovered that this software has been around for at least 2 years, probably longer. So I'm perplexed; why hasn't ANYBODY ANYWHERE taken note of it and written a review or expressed their opinions? I communicated with the CEO of clearString/neatComponents, David Crose, and he directed me to an article where clearString was listed, but it wasn't clear that the writer of the article had even used the software. It appeared more likely that the writer had simply used David as a source for his article.

    So basically I thought I'd tap into the Scirra community to see if anybody knew anything about clearString or neatComponents (same thing). I don't really want to download it because the situation just seems so incredibly bizarre to me. Any thoughts?

    Thank you!

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  • Sorry i can't help you.

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