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    Can someone suggest me a free non-trial website builder so I can build a website? I have try Google Sites to make my website but I think I want to use a more advanced website builder?

    Google Site are very limited. I would suggest switching to Blogger or Weebly.

    Also if you like coding in CSS/Javascript you can download Kompozer/BlueGrifon software and Twitter Boostrap template for start.

    Have you checked WIX? It's a free and no-programming-skills are needed.

    It's super easy but you have a mini label sponsoring wix.

    Check it out!

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    gintasdx I have used Weebly to make my prototype site, but the free plan doesn't support favicons. Instead of that?

    According to Weebly you may access pure HTML/CSS to change your site in any way you like.

    According to Wikipedia, this is the way to integrate a favicon in the header of HTML (after having created and stored "favicon.ico"):

    <link rel="icon" href="" type="image/x-icon">

    (Note: Internet Explorer needs rel="shortcut icon")

    Hope it helps.

    Yep,just like tulamide says you can insert favicon code.

    Go to Settings->SEO and paste favicon HTML code into Header Code box.

    You can also use PNG or GIF as favicon.

    Thanks for that, but can someone tell me how to make an unclickable menu in Weebly? Which works in all browsers, including Chrome?

    Why do you need an unclickable Menu? is the best free server with site builder i use & recomend many years.. basic server/site knowledge required, yey! :D


    I've changed my mind. Actually, I want to make a popup menu which shows my latest games. But when I think about it back, I will make the parent menu clickable and link to my game gallery.

    You can try our product that also include free domain parking, hosting and website builder.

    Many clients says, it is really easy to use.

    Go to

    I use wordpress for my site. I have no web programming knowledge...but so far so good. i use domain host from them for like 5 years now! i have my website run with 2 domains names:!) on their servers! that they actually changed now! you can get that from them with a or net on their freedomain! but can always go and buy a domain name and transfer it free of charge to their servers! and you dont get ads popup or stuff! and the movement of website is quite good! check my website

    or is same website just 2 names on it!:)

    I think Weebly is the best choice when you need to create a website for your company. It provides first-rate tools, plus the hosting plans are excellent. And if you switch to a different host, you can export your site.

    I’ve been using Weebly for over 5 years and have found it to be very intuitive and there are lots of free online tutorials to do various things & to maximize SEO.

    Ha! I came here to recommend 000webhost, but it seems a few already beat me to it. I'm impressed how much control and power they give you for free hosting. =]

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