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  • Hi to all. I'm new and i downlaoded demo version of constrcut 2 some days ago.

    I probably buy my personal editon of scirra in few days but first I want to know if

    there are some good books to learn scirra deepest or if I only use tutorials I found on internet and on this website...

    I watched to Game maker and multimedia fusion 2 too and i saw a lot of examples , tutorials and above all BOOKS..

    are there for construct 2 too?=?

    thanks in advance

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  • A book is currently written by someone. But you should not start with a book.

    Scirra offers you various Tutorials and an amazing manual.

    Learning by doing is the best you can do ;)

  • Start with Tutorials.

    Don't read them. Build the example games step buy step.

    Build this first

    then This

    Construct comes packed with examples. New project and scroll down to see all the examples etc.

    And the most valuable resource - The Manual This has everything you need to know.

    And search the forums - so much info here.

    And of course, the most important. You cannot learn code/programs etc without coding/working with programs. So in a week you will be pretty effecient in construct 2. And spend 1000 hours and you will be a pro.

    Game maker will take you a lot longer as the learning curve is steeper. I come from game maker originally.

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