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  • So here is a link for my stuff you can totally take it and make it whatever. I am having a burnout.

    Source for C2 down there. Not sure has somebody done this while I was not developing. Free to use. Thanks.

    (source is little bit too far fucked so I hope you find the lines that break the code to use browser or node)

    I explain it further if somebody needs info.

    Theres more items in this file than in demos at site. Just delete and get into code, make it better whatever


  • offcourse........sorry link got not up

  • yes would love to get more inside infos on jow to start. Would love to see some more comments in the source code. Awesome stuff i digg it!

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  • i totally digg the idea of a simple sequencer tool. sad to hear about your burnout. do you have a tool without all the advanced stuff e.g. the FX and only a play and stop, do you have a tempo button or are all samples on the same tempo? when i develop i cant hear sounds on previews like FF or NW. but exported projects play all sounds.

  • I now made new invite to project.

    I know i can pretty much clearly explain the sence in every event.

    Theres lots of unuseful stuff picking up timegrid things.

    the site has a video wich explains pretty much all functions graphically.

    It would be cool to see other peoples cleaner files also.

    If someone has here an idea how to make this doset more in use spreading in sence of not comercial

    but more like in individual I like to hear.

    I am very buzy now with my many projects.

    I hope this project keeps the idea of opensource

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