Mopub+Admob problems

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  • Hi.

    I recently put in some ads in one of my games with mopub and admob using cocoonjs. But it is always showing the same ads. I've set the ads to update every 60sec but it is always the same ad no matter what. Is this normal?

    Thank you in advance.

  • good for you, i see no ads on my application :'( cant find what i did wrong;

    * i published application first

    * then i did what i had to do in admob (getting banner id unit to use it in mopub "ca-app-pub..."

    * then i did what i had to do in mopub (integrating admob with mopub and getting ad id unit "fb...")

    * then i did what i had to do in ludei (using id unit i created on mopub which starts with "fb..."

    that is what i understood from guides, id like to be advised if theres a mistake :/

  • I've noticed that my games don't show full screen ads anymore. Have someone else noticed this? It worked a few days ago...

    My games are compiled with CocoonJS for android with admob and mopub ads.

    And btw, why is the banner ad always showing the Game of War ad? Is it just me or does everyone only see this ad in the banner?

  • I'm seeing it also, they must have paid a lot to advertise their game.

  • Hi all,


    The Problem with the fullscreen ads is a bug in the runtime.js file at line 470. But it seems like ludei has fixed that with the latest version (released a few days ago) so try to update your plugin first. And I recommend to uncheck 'Minify Script' during the export process.


    Have you checked if your account was under review? In this case only one ad will be shown (mopub Marketplace demo). I've updated all my guides and created an E-Book (free download) with all guides about the CocoonJS Plugin, feel free to check this post:

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  • hi people I have the same problem,I have already put some ads but only requests its working,and the people who plays my game they don´t see the banner

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