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  • Stumbled upon this:

    [quote:gi4kqzoa]MoleBox is a runtime exe packer for Windows applications. It bundles the executable together with the DLL and data files into a single EXE file, without losing the ability to run the application.

    MoleBox compresses and encrypts all the application files. With MoleBox you can protect your application's data and media files from viewing and modifications, and your DLLs and ActiveX components from usage by third party programs.

    Moleboxing does not affect the original application's functionality in any way nor requires any additional coding. Unpacking and decryption (if required) are performed automatically and insensibly for application. Packed program runs without extracting files to the disk.

    For the paranoid

    Also, be aware that some AV software may pick this up and issue a warning; some trojans and viruses take advantage of this by bundling themselves with the infected exes.

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  • Wow neat program... this will solve the issue with having to bundle all the VBruntime files with Construct made games, or trying to get the victim, I mean player, to install the runtime library.


  • Just be careful, some antivirus programs give a false positive on legitimate games that have been packed with molebox. I'm sure it will all be sorted out eventually, just a heads up though.

  • I wonder if that thing fires DEP

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