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  • I do a lot of my game development for my own enjoyment, or for my friends and family. I have no interest in attempting to sell a game. If anyone else is in the same boat, then here's an awesome resource for artwork. Bannedstory, a MapleStory artwork exporter (probably not an accurate name).

    Bannedstory 4

    Character creation, with oodles and oodles of customization features, mobs, tiles, and all the other art assets found in MapleStory. It can export all animations for easy importing into C2 and creating animated sprites.

    However, keep in mind, it would be for your own personal use, and would most likely violate copyright if you attempted to sell you game using these assets. Most people use it for creating machinima flicks or animated signatures, etc... But as I said, I find it very very very useful for my own "personal" projects.

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  • Oh wow, another that knows of MapleStory on this forum!

    I've used bannedstory for years to make a MapleStory fangame, I made huge amounts of progress on it when I started it in Construct 2, but I have stopped working on it due to the very thing you mentioned (Copywrite infringement).

    Here's the channel if you are interested (I may create 1 more vid sharing progress I had made since there is a LOT more in the game than those videos show, and then abandon that channel :( heh lol)

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