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  • Hi all, at Super Game Asset we have just released a new Male Warrior animation sprite pack. We have also released a free sample pack for all who are interested.

    - Retina display

    • swapable weapons
    • 8 isometric direction/animation

    About this release:

    As a first on the market Super Game Asset have created an entire new character package, consist of character animations and weapons for the EPIC RPG serie.

    This unique package is a first in a series of characters with interchangeable weapons, this means weapons designed for a character package can be equipped on and off for any animation of the character. Have a character running with an axe, or doing a magic attack with a sword, not a problem.

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  • 2288 frames?

    Yeah, good luck with that.

  • The high number of frames is only a good thing... you dont have to use all animations, and dont need to use all frames of even the animations you choose to skipping every other frame example, you trade smoothness for texture-space.

    I must say, yinakoSGA, the quality of your sprites is very high. Great job, and I commend your separation of the weapon from the character into layers.

    I hope that eventually Spriter becomes popular enough for you to considder making Spriter optimized character animations for sale, as this would allow you to offer more animations, "infinite frames" because its tweened, and the ability to easily and completely customize the character, or create a huge variety of characters from one animation base. Please keep in mind, this is all possible with the totally free version of Spriter, and even easier with Spriter Pro. AND, even for people who want to use the sprites as full frame sprite-sheets can quickly and easily export the animations of their customized characters to any resolution and FPS that they desire.


    Mike at BrashMonkey

  • Thanks, yeah there is high amount of frames because I have made all 8 directions, often you can use 5 and the other 3 directions(SW,W,NW) are mirror image in most games. There is also the same amount of animation for the weapons, so for sword you have, run, attack, etc. Also remember each animation has 8 directions. So for example if I had a I had 8 run animation each with 8 direction and each direcition is 30 frames, that is 8x8x20 = 1920 frames

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