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  • i was just wondering if there are any sprite makers out there, something like construct in that matter etc? like draw your character & impl bones & animation / 'add it or save to a PNG to use in construct?

    I was going thru here in construct about something called "a powerful tool in the making" - containg just above what i mention, duno if that is already out or what

    any advice is welcome


  • http://www.xpounded.com

    They have a basic 2d sprite character creator program.It also depends on what type of sprites you want to create like 3d rendered sprites or just basic 2d rendered cartoon type sprites.

  • Draven, might want to check your links. That ones been gone several months.

    The kit is basically a collection of pixel art sprites you can arrange and create a sprite sheet.

    But its not available anymore.

    There is Charas, a web based system that's similar.

    As far as bones go, there's Anime Studio. Its got just about everything your looking for.

    It's available as a demo, and a pay version.

    There's also Synfig. It doesn't have bones, but it does have some very nice tweening.

    I understand a bones system is in the works tho....

    It's also open source, so it's free.

  • Why don't you just download Daz3d?.It's got motion captured animations and it can save animations as separate png files.You can also modify any 3d model with daz3d ,Especially the characters.http://www.daz3d.com

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  • The Construct Help/Tech Support forum is for Help and/or Tech-nical Support with Construct.

    Moving topic to Tools/Resources.

  • Adobe Flash

    Bone-based: no

    Key frame concept: yes

    Sprite sheet rendering: no

    OS: ?

    Anime Studio software is used mainly for cartoons drawing.

    Bone-based: yes

    Key frame concept: ?

    Sprite sheet rendering: no

    OS: Win, Mac

    ProMotion software is used for drawing of a detailed and pixel precise graphics. cosmigo.com/promotion/index.php

    Bone-based: no

    Key frame concept: no

    Sprite sheet rendering: no

    OS: ?

    GraphicsGale is a simple raster animation editor for .gif and .avi animations. humanbalance.net/gale/us

    Bone-based: no

    Key frame concept: no

    Sprite sheet rendering: no

    OS: Win

    ASE (Allegro Sprite Editor) is a pixel art raster sprite editor. aseprite.org

    Bone-based: no

    Key frame concept: no

    Sprite sheet rendering: ?

    OS: ?

    Anatomy is sprite animation software for 2D game development. spritetools.com

    Bone-based: yes

    Key frame concept: yes

    Sprite sheet rendering: yes

    OS: all

    List of drag and drop sprite sheets creators that use another sprite sheets or frames:

    Zwoptex, $15 zwopple.com/zwoptex

    Predator, $15 spritesheeteditor.com

    Simple sprite editor sourceforge.net/projects/simplespriteedi

    list of 2D Map rendering software:

    Dungeon Crafter - is a small freeware program that lets you lay down walls, floors, doors, and objects. ww2.dungeoncrafter.com

    Tile Studio - Tile Studio is a complete development utility for graphics of tile-based games. tilestudio.sourceforge.net

    Tiled Map Editor is another free map editor. mapeditor.org

    Good luck

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