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  • The Revolution is a project i am working on for fun in my spare time, it started out being just the flagship tileset known as the revolution, but as it grew i got requests for other resources so here is the revolution, a collection of 2d pixel art created by me for all you game developers.


    Resources Included

    Revolution tileset

    ?grasslands snow dungeon lava dungeon ice dungeon desert interior town

    ???Revolution Sprites


    Male sprite template female sprite template?


    Guardian Tileset


    Coming Soon

    8 Bit Tileset 8 Bit sprites Sidescroller Tileset Sidescroller Sprites

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  • Looks like a new "The Breeze revolution".

  • You say "created by me for all you game developers." But your license is "Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License." which means we essentially cannot use this and make anything off of our projects. I'm gonna suggest that you either make them available for a certain price or remove that restriction.

    It's nice and all for game creation tools like RPG Maker, because that is not much of a serious commercial tool, but C2 is for making $$$.

    Anyway, just my two cents. It's not a big deal I just wanted to point that out, this is a different community.

  • i understand what your saying about the license, they are completely free to use for commercial projects too i simply as for you to contact me before, maybe its not clear enough and i should change it, i also think itsmy mistake with the license its suppose to be (CC BY-SA 3.0) i bealive, i shall get this changed asap

  • Fabzy, sounds good! Also, your first post's formatting is a little wonky. "


  • Today iv worked on a variety of new hair styles, this will bring more variety to the sprites you will be able to create, also there is a collection of dragonall Z hair styles included

    Check out my website for the full collection of resources

  • Hello there just bumping this topic and a few updates to show.

    -A new website design

    -New hairs

    -new sprites

    -a few tweaks to existing tiles

    -Items ADDED

    -new area added with some resources from side projects and older work

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