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  • Hi all,

    I just release my first game using Construct 2 on Gamejolt, for contest purpose. I think it's a good start for me since I'm originally an artist and have no idea about programming. Thanks to Scirra and their Construct that awesomely help me on finishing my game.

    Now I'm thinking on having my own website, so that I can put my works, link it on game sites, and other things. The problem is, my knowledge on web developing (except the design, of course) is nearly nothing.

    So, the first one is, do I really need it? and second, where should I start if I want to make one?

    I really have noooo idea on web hosting mechanism, so maybe someone could help? I've searched topics with the same issue here but I can't really understand (I'm so new)

    p.s. I'm sorry if I post on the wrong section, but since I found the web thing goes here, so here I am

    p.p.s. just my stupidity, how can I put a link on my sig? :p

  • This is what I use for all my websites. It requires no website making skills to make a cool site! Also when you make a site unless you buy a membership your site's name will be www.(name).webs.com which I think is great since webs is such a short word that they add to it instead of something lengthy. http://www.webs.com/

  • I cannot recommend more Wordpress

    It's awesome , easy-to-use and user friendly !

    Here's what I made with it ...


  • SpacialPumpkin - thanks for the recommendation, I'll try it :)

    Whiteclaws - wordpress is a blog, isn't it? CMIIW

    anyone can answer or give example of how important a website is for an indie gamedev like me?

  • It's important in a way that all your fanbase can get info from you easily ...

  • I'm going to agree with White Claws in that Wordpress is a great way to start out. Work on your games, see if they get traction, and then create an awesome website.

    That being said, Wordpress isn't just a blog, though it does base itself on that that. If you're setting up your own webspace, my friend uses the ever popular Joomla.

    I've spent a lot of time creating webpages and never putting more than a project on them so they go to waste. So make sure you have your products first!

  • Whiteclaws & Mulkaccino

    You both right, I'll start with the blog for now, and get my projects done. I'll start a website once I got few games to show so the site won't be a waste. Thank you very much for the suggestions guys <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I'll go with wordpress then :)

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  • when are you more comfortable to design your own, I recommend Adobe Muse, easy to use and works great.

  • California

    Adobe Muse? never heard of it before. Thanks for the info, I'll surely check it out

  • Luckily I found a way easier ways of building my very own web site. The technology lately is advancing quickly and also the days of being forced to be told complicated programming languages to make your own web site area unit gone.


  • Hi r4dicaldreamer , you can find great resource how to make your website in this site:


    Not only about website, you can find big list of everything related to gamedev like sounds, arts, programming, game engine, and so on on this website. :)

  • Here is my Website I've made it with Weebly......My Games are also working smooth on it.....Its free also...:)


    Another Option is Blogspot. You can put your games on it with Google drive. Google drive will host your Game & its also working very nice.....


  • I am tagging myself here.

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