Krita or Inkscape?

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    I would like to learn from you, how is Anime Studio more evolved than Flash regarding animation? What functions are in Anime Studio that are not available in Flash, which are so crucial to 2D animation?

    I think not only I would be interested in you providing some arguments and feedback, the whole community could learn something.

    P.S. From my experience a person that is skilled can even make use of a brick, so to speak.

  • I animated a circle today with Synfig.


  • Flash Professional is becoming Adobe Animate CC:

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  • both krita and inkscape are excellent for sprites. It depends on wether you want to work in vectors or bitmap

  • I personally use Inkscape more, I also own ArtRage, but find way easier to do my sprites on Inkscape, but I guess it depends as well on the type of sprite you wanna do, in my case I'm doing some isometric sprites, so InkScape works perfectly

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  • uh inkscape is vector editor and Krita raster. They are different beasts and you cant really compare them.

    Illustrator = inkscape

    PS = Krita/Gimp/PDN

    Agree with the above and saying photoshop is the best.... again completely different from inkscape :/

    Depends what you want to do bud sprites or vector images (Still sprites but not pixel)

  • since i have been checking the forums i have learned so much, you guys are great

  • About 90% of my sprites I have completed them with Inkscape, is a great vector tool. I might try Krita since seems to be a good software to use

  • I myself was quite impressed with Krita (the new 3.0 release). Very impressive brush settings, and my favorute so far: the drawing assistants. The more intriguing features I mentioned in a short article with videos (if it could be of any help):

    Frankly I did not expect to find something so nicely developed from a free, open-source app. Thumbs up for their good work.

  • Affinity Designer is fantastic as well.

    There's a free beta version for windows right now. But its been around for OSX for a while now. $50

  • inkscape with SpriterPro

  • I have pretty much decided after this discussion and reading some of the Krita book to go with Krita, Spriter and Construct2.

    That gives me 3 programs to learn.

    Thanks for giving my thoughts some validity.


    Great choices. Have you grabbed the latest Krita? It's amazing.

  • I am lucky enough to have Photoshop CS6 portable, and helps a lot for retouching already made drawings.

    Adobe Flash has the best brush for mouse users, so its perfect for making the characters. Vector software is always recommended over raster software IF you have no drawing skills.

    My advice - find the best vector program that you feel comfortable using. Animation can be done in pretty much every software that has layers.

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