Isometric Tiling

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  • Looking forward to your tutorial. Sounds like you have a lot planned for it and will be putting a lot of hard work into it!

    I've tried posting it from that day I said I would but I keep getting errors and the site is going SOOOOO slow for me, I do have a lot planned for it and I'll be putting a lot of time in to it too, I even think I might do the detailing parts with video to better aid the explanations and such but I won't be posting it until the site is fixed up because I've tried so many times and the connection to this site right now is horrid!


    Just working on uploading the images for the tutorials and formatting it for the site, it should be up and published VERY soon, just have to take care of a few other things too...

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  • Yes I agree the site has been very bad these last couple of days. Today being the best I've seen in a while but still slow. Good luck!

  • It looks good but they don't offer a free trial, and the v1.5 that used to be freeware seems to be taken off the internet haha

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