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  • Goodmorning everyone! I'm looking for paid models to put in my game. I want to buy a license for non-exclusive commercial purposes and not the exclusive property (which would cost me too much and I do not want the exclusive).

    They are looking for backgrounds that imitate the interior of apartments, bathrooms, kitchens or warehouses. Simple high-definition backgrounds overlaid my objects and my characters (things easy with construct 2). I do not know how to draw, but the worst thing, and I just can not find anything on the world market. I'm too banal or too exaggerated.

    The "This war of mine" interiors are exaggerated but they make the idea. "Beholder" already has a more "warm and comfortable" graphic than I've been looking for but still has the defect of being 3D. I need 2D that does NOT offer the depth sensation generated by 3D or isometric.

    Can anyone from the SCIRRA STORE contact me?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • "The Final Station" is awesome!!!

    Even such simple interiors can make me comfortable but I MUST buy a commercial license or I will not be able to use this material for a game to resell!

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