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  • Hi,

    I'm Reactorcore, an ex-modder and a game designer. I recently completed the first set of pixel art sprite packages and was wondering would you be interested in seeing them on the Store?

    Here are some examples of the stuff I made:

    Basically, they are template pixel art sprites designed for game development use. I'm making a giant library that covers any theme and subject you can think of, so far I have created 7 of these packages, that each include over a hundred sprites, all consistent, optimized and flexible.

    The idea is that I'd release one large package for free, which has everything needed to make a full game and the other packs would work as expansions, to further grow the library of sprites.

    I'd like to hear what you feel. y/n?

  • Well that guy that was doing a zombie hardware store should be good to go.

  • Would love to see on store

  • Hmm, is it possible to release products for free on the Store?

    The original idea was to release a big free pack and then have the other packs act as expansions, but browsing the store, I can't seem to see any free products there, nor any mention of this in the FAQ.


    Seems like setting the price to 0£ makes it become 0.99£ automatically. Great...

    So what should I do about this?

    If I released it at the price of 0.99£ it will still require all the effort of making a monetary purchase, when the intention was to have an immidiate easy-to-access free bundle to test stuff out.

    I think also that if it was kept at the price of 0.99£ it would appear to look like a cheap low-end product at a glance, when the reality is that its the largest pack of them all.

    Meanwhile, setting a premium price of 20£ for the starter pack will make it a harder decision for the user to give the series a test if its right for them.

    Hosting the starter pack for free off the store would also look a bit akward and drive away sales from Scirra's store too, especially I were to offer direct purchases of the expansions on my website.

    I'd like to hear your opinion on what I should do this. I don't feel very sure which way to go about this.

  • Just release free stuff on opengameart.org

    Any expansions done in the store here automatically get posted to the forum.

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  • Just release free stuff on opengameart.org

    Any expansions done in the store here automatically get posted to the forum.

    That... sounds like a good idea. Didn't think of that.

    There is one caveat that comes to mind though.

    Can I place a link on the description texts of the paid expansion packs on the store that points towards the free starter pack? I know that the formatting options limit linking only to other products on the scirra store, so I'm not sure if linking to opengameart.org might be ok with Scirra.

  • A free option would be great! I´d like to give out some stuff for free as well.

    You can always try to put in links etc into your products, as every item is checked by the mods....sooo if there is something that´s not allowed, they´ll reject

  • I think I've figured it out. After reading through the opengameart.org's FAQ, I'm going to release a free version over there too. Meanwhile, to avoid submissions process complication, I will release the Starter Pack for 20£ here as well and not include any links to opengameart.org, so customers don't stray away from the Scirra Store and keep the Scirra mods happy.

    Since one of my goals is to make a living off selling sprites, the Scirra store should be able to provide a monetary side that will directly contribute my ability to keep working on this project full time, so buying the starter pack here would work as a way to directly support my effort, meanwhile there is a free option for those who really want it for free.

    All expansion packs will remain paid however, so those will not be uploaded to opengameart.org.

  • Alright, all the stuff has now been submitted for review and I wait for it to be approved.

    Meanwhile, as suggested newt, I've released the free Starter Pack at opengameart.org:

    EDIT: Apparently I'm not allowed to post URLs. Yay.

    Its on opengameart. Search it there. I guess.


    I'll post in this thread again once I get through the submission review to add the links here.

    EDIT2: Oh wait. I can't do that either.

    I guess I'll just say it went through and you can try to find it on the store in the graphics section then.

  • Yeah, submission cleared! The packages are now available at the store!


    HINT: There will be Sale in 3 days from this day, so you can get the packs at a discounted price as an initial release.

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