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  • Hello! I wanted to gauge the interest from the Scirra community about an advertising plugin built for this game engine.

    We’re interested in adding an advertising plugin to the Scirra asset store. This would be for those who are interested in advertising in their games. It will be a free-plugin for the developers to integrate into your games and we'd share the revenue. We like to focus on incentivized views to make it less intrusive but we also do pre-rolls, interstitials, etc. Since we (Boom - ) work directly with advertisers, we can offer much higher cpms hovering around the $15-20 with global coverage. We're also a network of influencers which can help with user acquisition.

    It would be great to hear your feedback about an advertising plugin and if you would use it? We thought it might be beneficial to offer this at the beginning of development rather than trying to integrate a bunch of SDK's after the game has already launched. Thanks in advance.



  • You're probably going to need to explain a bit more, like what buying a plug will get versus revenue percentage you plan on taking.

    One thing, Scirra doesn't sell plugs on the store.

  • Hey Newt,

    Yup just found that out. Thanks for the info. We we're at GDC in SF and realized the opportunity with some game engines (Marmalade, GameMakers, V-Play)

    We built an SDK (pending MRAID complaint) and have been wrapping our SDK into their specific code for these particular game engines. Finding out that Scirra doesnt support distribution of assets makes this more of a research question but it would be great to hear feedback from those developers interested in monetizing their games with ads.

    We've noticed a similar plugin by Chartboost charging $4.99 and offering about $6-7cpm. Are you familiar if that cpm is accurate with what developers are receiving? Our plan is to make it free & the rev share payout to developers would be the $15-20. We noticed its close to 3x's what some developers are receiving currently and hoping its of interest.

  • I don't really have that much experience with mobile export, but a "bullet proof" solution for ads is bound to do well.

    Im not sure how the sale of the plug would go over. A selling point would be how well its implemented.

    I might suggest getting in touch with Scirra. They may not want to sell plugs, but perhaps they might be interested in its distribution.

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  • i would be very interested in an free advertisement plugin and giving you 30% revshare in return (i think thats the common rate in this business), but the plugin has to work not only for mobile (android, ios, windows phone, because for that we already have Admob plugin) but also for PC, games that are hosted on websites and for me, the most important would be that it works for Firefox OS and other webapps (Chrome for example).

    I have 15 games ready to be published on Firefox OS but i dont have a good monetization option for this.

  • I would be very interested in a paid plugin - that was reliable and supported. I'd be happy to pay $4.99 like the Chartboost plugin.

    $6-7 CPM is also very good, I think $1 to $2 CPM is more typical.

    So yes, sooner the better!

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