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  • anyone could tell it to me?

  • about what?! be more specific ?! you want to learn intel xdk!? well you can use it try using tutorials! install intelxdk first then export a project for (android not other cocoons or shits ) import it in (open new working project in intel xdk) conbvert it to anyplatform you want! (build section) enjoy! i think that covers all!:)

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  • Intel XDK could automatic update?

    Ex : After i export game from C2,then export it to .apk file,then,install it on Android Phone Device,and i release new version(update) of that game,can automatically update at Android Phone Device?

  • Helppp pleasee...

  • Have you ever thought of maybe just trying things out for yourself and seeing what happens?

    Nothing bad will happen, and you learn so much more quickly and gain a much greater understanding that way.

  • yea i think the autoupdate is not from intelxdk or ludei is more like a appstore future!:) once you select in appstore (enabled for autoupdates ) when you upload new file it will automatically switch to updated version! atleast this is how worked for me on several appstores as google and amazon atleast! other portals has same functions! if your looking for a sdk that auto uploads to you account i dont think is there 1 that does that ! since the sdk isnt linked with your appstores! and never will have that i think!

  • but try it out and see as zenox98 sayd ! you learn much faster if you do and redo building process and use the futures that intel and ludei or other sdk`s are offering ! cheers hope it helped you out!

  • yess...

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