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  • Here's one for those of you who are planning on exporting for Windows desktop.

    I was doing some digging around for installation builders and came across Inno Setup. I downloaded it and tried it out and was very impressed with how it turned out: very professional installer and highly customisable. Options for wizard-based or hand-scripted. Worked perfectly with a node-webkit exported game.

    It also includes options to create a desktop icon, include a web link in the installed Start Menu folder, and even comes with an uninstaller.

    Oh, and it's free!

    The only thing wrong I can find with it is that it doesn't seem to have any sort of version control. It just always installs over the app if it's already installed. Still, it's a hell of a lot more professional than shipping a zip file.

  • It is easy to monetize too ;) Try for example Better instaler monetize system :P

  • I have 2 choices of installation builder I know:

    -Indigo Rose Setup Factory

    -Clickteam Install Creator

  • I never seen this before, it is a nice looking application!

    I have had to use NullSoft's NSIS in the past, and it is not very user friendly.

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  • I use Flexera InstallShield professionally, it's costly at around ?400 for the express editions.

    Haven't tried any free alternatives but I must admit the Inno Setup looks ideal for simple Construct packages...

    It seems to have been pretty consistently developed over the last 8 years too, which is nice

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