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  • Hi,

    Some of ou may know about it already, some of you don't: Inkscape is a free, open-source vector gfx tool. Still in beta fase. Obviuesly it's not as great as illustrator or flash by adobe, but it's verry decent - acctualy the best one of the freebies i think. It is quite simple to make anything in it. Has got many great and useful features like 'trace bitmap' ( which btw works really, really well ) and '2d to 3d', and it's well documented with loads of tutorials. I recommend it.


    Inkscape - homepage.

    Ps. Because it's open-source, maybe cons devs could include some of t's features in 2.0+ version . just an idea.

    Ps2. Cons should exchange banners with inkscape site i think.

  • Nice one

    I might have to give this one a go myself

    Moved to tools and resources section.


  • Definitely, Inkscape seems to be the best of the free vector apps.

    If anyone hasn't heard of it yet, I'd also recommend PaintDotNet for raster work - it's good for small-scale stuff, when you can't be bothered loading Photoshop or the GIMP and wading through a bazillion options.

  • Nice one

    I might have to give this one a go myself

    Moved to tools and resources section.


    So, what do you think about it?

  • I tried this a year ago. I did not like using it. I did not like the interface.

    Don't get me wrong the tool work great but for me, I am used to using Adobe Illustrator

    for my vector artwork. I do think everybody should try this tool though.

  • So I finally got around to testing this out.

    It's fantastic. I highly recommend this software to anyone wanting to do vector art. Very easy to use, and makes the Photoshop "Pen Tool" look as sh*tty as it actually is.

    Adobe could learn a few things from this program, like how not to suck at making vector based publication software.

    Long over due, but nice find megatronx


  • This is a fantastic app.I have started working with this program and i can do more with it than i can do with coral draw or any other "pro" app.

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  • Tell me about it...

    I made this:



  • SoldjahBoy - And i bet it was way faster to create that than the conventional method.I am surprised at how professional freeware apps can be these days.There's another called mypaint which is also quite good if you want to try your hand at freestyle drawing.

    I did this watery construct 2 logo with Mypaint and paint shop pro.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Thanks DravenX, I'll have to check it out. That logo looks pretty awesome :D


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