I Have an Immense Need to Draw 8-Bit Sprites.

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  • The title says it all: if you want, I'll be able to make some 8-bit or 16-bit sprites like this for you (spritesheet form optional) for free!

    However, of course, they won't be EXTREMELY good, just 8-bit or 16-bit sprites.

    As for the player facing the side, I made him always that way so that it saves space on the game download. If you want him to face the other side, just use events to flip his image around a little.

  • I been looking for someone to help me with the art in my game.

    http://www.scirra.com/arcade/addicting- ... rt-level-1

    This is a link to play it so you can see what type of game it is.

    If I like your work I'll put it in the game and credit you for it:)

    Not really looking to make money off the game unless it does really really well. If it does I'll be sure to get you in on it.

  • Coming right up!

  • Thanks, Take what ever time you need. I wont be able to spent as much time on my game this week, because works this week has me booked.

  • Some things have been happening and I haven't had much time to work on this stuff (and I probably won't be able to for a couple of days), but don't worry -- I'll PM you with a .capx file containing everything you'll need.

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  • Done! I couldn't make a .capx right now, but I have made some body parts for you to assemble in an image editor (I recommend Paint.NET, which is free). Have fun!

    (If you're wondering where the images are, they're in a PM that I sent you.)

  • Oh, hi

    Nice to see what you can do for us, that's great!

    Can you make spritesheet form of this character

    Something like moving and jumping animation


  • Sorry to all, but I won't be able to do anything (until further notice) because every time I try to work on the sprites you want, life happens because everyone has responsibilities (meaning that "until further notice" could probably become "forever").

    There was also some business about some water getting spilled on my laptop (like a whole gallon) and me having to get a new computer (which is a desktop), so I can't always work on things because I have to go places often and it's not like I'm going to put an Alienware X51 in the trunk. I also lost all the work I had already done (on absolutely everything that wasn't saved to the cloud), so... yeah.

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