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    The Resources are free to use, but the References are protected under copyright law.


    Freelance artists: game-artist.net/forums

    Public domain music: pdinfo.com

    Public domain sounds: pdsounds.org/tagadelic/taxonomy/1

    Public domain images: publicdomainpictures.net

    Public domain characters: pdsh.wikia.com


    Game musicians: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_game_musicians

    Game music: vgmusic.com

    Remixed music: ocremix.org

    Game manuals: replacementdocs.com/news.php

    Game maps: vgmaps.com

    Sprite sheets: spriters-resource.com


    Super Mario World camera: youtube.com/watch?v=TCIMPYM0AQg

    Legend of Zelda comparison: youtube.com/watch?v=jyIGhXNlF34

    Donkey Kong Country 2 Game Over: youtube.com/watch?v=qAPxbnL4a7E

    Link to the Past interview: glitterberri.com/a-link-to-the-past/development-interview

    Crash Bandicoot interview: postdesk.com/crash-bandicoot-creator-andy-gavin-interview

    Development of Doom: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Development_of_Doom

    These links won't last forever, so generously accept multiple sites and videos for each game topic that you enjoy, and generously share what you love with others. Be prudent, temperate, just and brave and do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.

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