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  • After lots of graphic making, I saw Illustrator (by Adobe) is best in graphic design than Photoshop. I see that Photoshop should be only used for photo effects and editing, otherwise it difficult to make graphic with it.

    On the other hand, Illustrator is easy and effective to use for any graphic design

    Do you agree or disagree with me? I'm with Illustrator side, if there an graphic design expert who disagree with me, reply please.

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  • Next time before you do that kind of statements, first make sure you know what you are talking about.

  • Agree with shinkan

  • Well, you don't understand that there is a difference between pixel and vector graphic programs

  • IMHO.. Whatever floats your boat. That is, use whatever program you feel is the best for you and fit's the budget.

    PS: I have to wonder though how are you able to purchase those programs? Not wanting to sound mean, but I remember your earlier texts concerning Construct price and the 100usd Dev-lisense fee from Apple etc.

  • PS: I have to wonder though how are you able to purchase those programs? Not wanting to sound mean, but I remember your earlier texts concerning Construct price and the 100usd Dev-lisense fee from Apple etc.

    That was uncalled for... tsk tsk...

    To the OP - I tried to get into Illustrator for the sake of the obvious scalability of the graphics... however I haven't had enough time to get into it enough. So I've used Photoshop mostly since I know how it works.

    Just as the others said, whatever comes most natural to you is the tool that you use.

    If you end up using Photoshop, keep it super simple (at least at first) and try to use Layers as much as possible. Separate elements so you can tinker on them individually. Makes it all a lot easier.

    And also... Construct doesn't really display the PNGs as they show on Photoshop.. I'm not sure if the problem is on which end but some edges get drawn super weird so I've resulted to use the blending effect 'Stroke' a bit on the heavy side to counter the edge issue.

  • Mancini .. IMHO he'd better to look around for free tools. As far as I know there's nothing on Illustrator or Photoshop that can't be done with programs that are freely available and open source.

    I know that a lot people are used to those particular tools and thus want to use them, but that's besides the point.

  • Joannak -- That is true... GIMP works almost as well as Photoshop once you get into it, minor inconsistencies and stuff that Adobe has ironed out are present in GIMP. Also Inkscape should be a viable option for Illustrator... And there's tons of tuts for both of those.

  • Also there are plenty inexpensive and free paint programs that could be simpler and thus much easier to learn than Photoshop or Gimp. I kinda wish I could recommend some particular, but there are too many of them and I own PSP myself.

    Concerning Inkscape. Here's link to my first drawing .. Yes, I installed Inscape to test and I wanted to make an minimal RPN-calculator (works at least on Chrome. ... index.html

  • Check out the 2dgameart for programmers site and you will find many tutorials on using GIMP and Inkscape for creating game sprites, etc...

  • There is no reason to favor one, you should use both for what they do best.

    For example I automate scripts in PS to get a batch of reference shots, port the images over to Illustrator, draft up forms, paste them back to PS for effects, hue and contrast tweaks and paste back to Illustrator for page layout... and so on.

  • I'm a photoshop junkie. Not sure I could really use anything else effectively. But then I've never had need for the final product to be a vector graphic. It is insanely expensive though. So is illustrator.

    Gimp is a nice free alternative. But it is not photoshop.

  • I think oranges are better. Including having oranges as pie

    Photoshop is a pixel based art program. The tools maniupate pixels. Pixels are a set size based on xydepth. renders like a race car

    illustrator is a Scaled Vector too. This tool is about using points with instructions on HOW TO DRAW any particular graphical effect. This means because they are drawing instructions there is no quality loss when enlarging or shrinking the object. however the cost is that these images render like a snail.

    They are not comparible. For myself I like Inkscape which is SVG because SVG allows me to modify easily by maniuplating lines. Where as pixel art requires me to actually properly draw.

  • At some point you still have to fall back to a raster program even if its just for resizing, color corrections, or minor manipulations, and even batch jobs.

    One thing a lot of people over look is the fact you can do paths in both Photoshop, and Gimp. Its just that the vector programs have much better tools for dealing with them.

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