Huge Database of Free Ultra High Detail Textures

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    if you're skeptical, take a look, you don't want to pass this up.

    these are really awesomely photographed super detailed textures, inches of fabric at 1860x1650

    a few feet of ceramic roofing at 2918x1930

    they also have two smaller sizes available of each texture

    you can preview the texture before you download at the different sizes

    They can be used commercially for free (assuming it's a game and you're not just trying to sell the textures)

    You don't even have to mention them in the credits(though, personally, I would.)

    you cannot, however, make an open source game using these textures(because that would be redistributing the textures)

    read the FAQ, and the license before use.

    there's a 15meg/day download limit,

    you can pay to have larger download limits

    paying members get the same database of textures

    it's split up into categories,

    perfect website, btw. Exactly how it should be.

    huge huge selection of stuff, from rusted metal, to vehicle tires, to fabric, to skies, to piles of trash


    Misja Baas, senior artist, Guerrilla-Games:

    " is one of our primary resource sites for texture work on Killzone 2.

    It offers a great collection of extremely useful resource material that we've used on environments, props and vehicles. The site is very well organized, frequently updated and the quality is of the photos is very good.

    One of the best texture resource sites on the web!"


    just take a look

  • Great find.

    They should come in handy for a lot of projects.

  • Yeah, i know this site.

  • Whoa. Coolness.

    I tend to take my own pictures, but sometimes you need a material that you can't really photograph yourself.

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  • I think there is already a thread about this


    Make sure you guys read through some of the topics in here before posting stuff so we don't end up with lots of duplicate stuff. Will leave this open since it's a good site, and now the topic is on the first page.


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