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  • Hi guys,

    I would like to present you a project me and my team have been working at and tell me your opinions about it.

    It is called Gameleon and it's a platform allowing anyone to create, publish, and play games via a browser,using the HTML5 technology.

    The Sandbox creation and publishing platform does not require any programming experience to use. Anyone can create a multiplayer game or any game-like activity on a browser, and even find the hosting and publishing resources so they can generate revenue from the game.

    The platform?s Cloud Editor enables users to create games within Internet Explorer, Firefox Opera, Safari, or any browser that supports HTML5. Games can be created by sole users or as part of collaborations. They can add their own items or make use of the Asset Market, with pre-designed effects, maps, sounds, and skins. Game components can be exported and imported into the system. An open source model makes available all code so creativity is pushed to the limit.

    Once a game is created, it can be self-hosted on a downloaded virtual machine, stored via Amazon Web Services, or hosted on Gameleon?s servers. Published games are stored online and can be shared with friends via links. They can also be shared on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, or their Gameleon account.

    Building a game on the platform is accomplished via a drag and drop interface, checkboxes, and making input and output connections. Games such as space shooters, warfare games, or role playing games can be designed. The platform was designed using XML, XSL, and PHP technologies, but the editor has not yet been finished.

    We have launched a Kickstarter campaign; its purpose is to fund additional development, hardware purchases for Gameleon?s cloud infrastructure, and grow its team of personnel. Here is the link to it

    Maybe Gameleon will help you become the next successful game developer! :D

    Latest awards,partnerships and articles:

    Startup Camp Berlin -

    Mozilla WebFWD innovation program -

    Eleven Startup Accelerator -

    IndieGameHQ -

    You can find more on our website

  • MihaelaEpuran

    Obviously, Gameleon is in the same territory as Construct 2 (many C2 developers are already successful game developers and don't need Gameleon to become the next successful game developer! :D )

    Could you please give us a detailed breakdown of the comparative advantages and disadvantages of Gameleon?

  • Looks interesting. Vm's out the wazoo, running on Nodejs.

    If they can pull it off, this is the ultimate use of the "cloud".

    The "Wordpress for Game Creators", doesn't really fill me with confidence however.

    Hope you can pull it off.

    Might want to pay attention to this Ashley, and

  • Could be interesting indeed for the multiplatform editing and online/mmo aspects!

  • Hey guys!

    It has been a crazy week for us. We have put a virtual machine online at

    Also, the whole source code of Gameleon, bundled with BugTopia (one of the games we've built on top of it) is available on github at

    Velojet that's like saying that may who used C# are successful and they don't need to check any other technology to become successful again :) The one good thing about technology is that it always gets better

    So, the first thing would probably be the fact that Gameleon is an editor in a browser. You don't need any plugins or downloads to make or play your game.

    Secondly, you have the full technical stack required for MMORPGs bundled. You don't need to get a developer to implement all the packages required to make your own multiplayer game. This is a very big part making Gameleon easy to use by non-developers

    Thirdly, we provide a full end-to-end environment to create, publish and play games. We give you everything from the editor to the virtual machine running your game.

    And what's even nicer is that it takes only the click of the "Publish" button into the editor to take your game from the cloud, directly to your own virtual machine, running in your own living room, and it will give you a public URL where you can access your game. In seconds!

    We will start a public beta of a stripped-down version of the editor in just a few days and you guys will get a feeling of how the maps can be built.

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  • Not really, C2 isn't bound to the server like Gameleon, however an online editor is where Scirra needs to be headed.

  • Velojet that's like saying that may who used C# are successful and they don't need to check any other technology to become successful again :)o, it's like saying that there are C# developers who are already successful app developers and don't need CoffeeScript to become the next successful app developer.


    Still waiting for your detailed breakdown of the comparative advantages and disadvantages of Gameleon ...


    Nicely said!

  • newt, I disagree, I don't think C2 needs to move to an online editor, it would be a nice bonus but not as the primary tool. Look at all the tools out there for web developers and programmers, most are standalone run from your computer. Honestly I think its better, then you are not relying on an internet connection, don't have to worry if your connection drops will you lose work etc.. You can work offline, more stable blah blah. The advantages of working in an online world is you can work from anywhere, but on the converse just save your work to the web and pull it to where you need it and honestly as much as we think we will work while we are out or on travel we don't :)

    Oh and I tried to look into this tool it seems very much in the early stages. give it a year and lets see what it can do, but right now "looks" nice, but its sitting on wordpress and their communications are poor, not interested!


  • I like the idea of Good Html5 editor Free

    but will the editor be available to download ! and upload on my server ?


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