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  • Hello!

    I made a new site where you will find good graphics for your games. I hope you enjoy it and do not hesitate to tell me anything that I can do to improve. I trust you find it useful ...

    Best regards,


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  • I really like your art style, keep it up!

  • Good assets, good work!

  • Thank you very much guys!

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  • Hello!

    I wanted to ask you something. I know some of you only want exclusive graphics. So, I'm thinking to put an aditional price with an exclusive license. So if you pay the exclusive price, that graphic can not be bought by other people and only you can use for your games.

    What do you think about this?

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  • It doesn't sound too bad, although I'm assuming you mean that you would create a piece and then first person to buy it gets it "exclusive." This can work but it might not be what people are looking for.

    Another option you could do is have a contact option where someone who is looking for exclusive art can pay to have you do it to their specifications for a higher price than just a piece you created that has an exclusive license.

    Either can work and I'd think it'd be awesome if you did both, to give a more "budget" friendly option or if they just like the art style as your doing it now, and to give the option to those who would be willing to spend more for a unique piece.

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  • Hi there. After a long time of inactivity I'm back with graphics and effects for developers. I put some new things like this: or this: Hope you like it.

  • Nice stuff. I've purchased from him in the past and will again

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