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  • Since my games are not doing so good on Google Play(only have 20-30 downloads/day) I want to improve my title and description using popular keywords but at the same time find an unfilled niches .

    I tried using Noble Samurai and Google Keyword Planner, but the results are not app store specific.

    What I noticed, is that when I start typing on search box from Google Play, after each keypress I get 5 hints.

    My thoughts is that those hints are based on the most searched terms and they should drive alot of people if your game description/title will contain them.

    I managed to get a list of 1500 hints generated by the first 2 letters you first entered on search box (I omitted hints resulting from only one letter since are too popular and more that 3 letter will give way too many results )

    I used a combination of numbers and letter "0123456789-_ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" and for the first 2 letters typed I got 38*38=1444*5 hints=7220. The actual result is less that that since some letter only give me 2-3 hints.

    Here are the results for letters a,b and c. Please if anyone have an idea how to use this list as best as possible please share it.

    If anyone want it please let me know and sorry if did not make myself to clear:P

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  • Careful to not breach Google policy on unrelated keywords

  • I don't see much value in scraping these terms... If those search terms are based on popularity, and you create a new app targeting those terms, then you'll be ranked even further back on searches as more apps contain the terms. (Unless your using the list for keywords to avoid)

  • codah Thank you for the link to that info. I am not planning to make spamming games using this list but just to get some inspiration for my title only before deciding the theme of my games.

    IndieKiwi You might be right, but I know a lot of bloggers build their content starting with keyword research first then they finding an unfilled niche with a high demand.

    For example searching "sticks" will show my game on position 146 , "pickup" will show it on position 102 and "crayon" will show it on position 19, but not many people are searchin the word "crayon"

    I don't plan to release a game that will be successful only on gameplay alone. I could be giving away free gold, but as long as nobody is searching for it, my game will not be downloaded. Google Play used to showed 500 results on the search page , but since couple of months ago they only show 250 results, so if the game is not ranked 250 or higher for the keywords from title/description is like it not even exists.

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