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    Requires .Net Framework 3.5

    -Converts Gif to Image Sequences

    -Converts Bitstrips to Image Sequences

    -Converts Image Sequences to GIFs

    -Converts Image Sequences to Bitstrips

    Source included (C#)

    Double click the Field to browse for file/folder

    Yap, i made it, any questions pm/email me()

    1- Open and extract your gif frames OR Build an image sequence with Png's...

    2- Edit then if necessary

    3a- Format the filename to the program (ie: Change Frame_0.png to Frame_{0}.png

    3b- Frame must start with 0, file and format

    3c- Build an Bitstrip out of your image sequence

    4- In Construct's animator panel, choose Import images ( right click + import frames)

    5- Choose the built bitstrip

    6- Set TileW and TileH to the frame(not the file, the size of a single frame) Width and Height

    7- Click Cut into tiles

    8- Done you made an animation out of an Bitstrip that was made out of an gif XD

    9- Yap, extracting gif frames can take a little more time compared to the other 3 tools... dunno why

    In case of updates, ill update the ZIP File and alert there

    Feel free to explore the source k?


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