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  • Hi,

    I have translated some apps and games into other languages and it has worked great for me, i have noticed that my downloads and incomes have increased. So i open this post to share that localizing a game works, and also because i would want to know other users experience.

    I usually use translation services. I would want to know, if you have tried them, which are the best services to translate the apps and games into other languages.

    My experience:

    • It is a good service, it works great but it is really expensive.[/li] This is a new service that i have tried and it has worked great for me. The price for professional translations are the best ones. 0,04 € per word in expert translations is great. I think this is best one at this moment (best price and great professional translations).[/li] I have tried ICanLocalize but i am not very satisfied because they have not been fast in the translation. It is also expensive[/li] This is a software to manage translations but they can also offer translation services. I have asked them but they are very expensive for an indie developer.

    Conclusion. At this moment, the best translation service for me is OnTranslate because the price is great for indie developers and the translations very good.

    Please share your experience!

    Thank you!

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