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  • You probably have already seen this but for those of you who haven't,It generates hilarious game names. This is a tremendous resource for starting a game. I basically designs the game for you with such names as: Inappropriate Whale Rider, Electric Horse Racing Baseball, Furry Animal Experience, Masters of Flatulence Zombies and Violent Frisbee Exhibition. Just whipped those up. Well have fun and be prepared for this little app to steal 30 minutes from you. HAHAHA   <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle"> Have fun Construct 2 friends.

    Game Name Generator

  • Gets to work making 'Chocolate Wagon Bandits' =P

  • Transvestite Square Dancing Blaster

    I'm on it!

  • --> "Perverted Nazi Championship", "Soviet Porn Tribe" = OMG....

    great tool!!!!

  • OMG those are radical titles. It seems kind of corny but I get a ton of inspiration from this tool. Find a couple good ones and you can image the their gameplay in seconds and create wonderfully weird stories. Keep Fit and Have fun.

  • Dance Dance Flatulence Fandango (Just... No...)

    Deadly Porn Palace (Just how deadly is it? Some parties are interested in the answer.)

    Enormous Wheelchair Lord (I guess that means he has a moving throne.)

    Demonic Viking Babies (The mental image is pretty hilarious.)

    Super Sexy Hammer Psychiatrist (but will the hammers be able to notice how sexy he is?)

    Australian Architecture Extravaganza (It must be really interesting, I guess...)

    Sleazy Business Dreamland (This one's actually a cool concept, just with the wrong title.)

    Naughty Indian (I guess it's revenge for THAT...)

    Dangerous Military (You don't say?)

    Britney Spears' Aerobics Kombat (Just try to picture it in your mind without at least smiling. I dare you.)

    Japanese Ping Pong X (Lemme guess, it involves mechas...)

    The Desert Gone Wild actually has some potential, though


    Toxic Zamboni in Crazyland

    Scottish Mutant Wranglers

    Primal Sex Fight Club

    Golden Grizzly Bear Jam

    Stealth Florist Challenge

    Terrible Raccoon Girl

    Spooky Kabuki Ransom

    Hyper Flatulence Saloon

    Blazing Monster Family

    Hindu Rainbow Polo

    Psycho Samurai Battalion

    A Boy and His Cowboy Power

    ok ok ok I will end it on A Boy and His Cowboy Power. Yes his special power is cowboy.

  • Christian Software in the Outback - Massive hit coming.

    Legacy of Afro Fever - That's bold.

    Lord of the Squirrel in the Sky - Love it.

  • The Internet XXX

    Magic Werewolf Football

    Savage Pokemon Commander

    Legend of Cardboard Psychiatrist

    Secret of the Wheelchair Zombies

    Violent Dodgeball of Death

    Renegade Guitar Bandit

    New Moon of Doom (My thoughts exactly)

    Fantastic Sloth Warfare

    Terrible Pokemon Incident

    Armored Platypus with Friends

    Unholy Big Game Hunter Legend

    Inappropriate Monster of the Damned

    Rogue Shark Lord

  • Nice generator :)

  • Very humourous. I'm working on "Death-Defying Bingo Basketball."

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  • i think scirra should pick the theme for the next game competition with this tooll <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


    This is a good place for more serious projects. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle"> Good if you need any inspiration for characters/worlds/titles/items.

  • Heh, heh - hilarious!!!

  • I easily lost a day of productivity at work. This tool is great!

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