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  • Hi all, i have coded a piece of software for a school project that i would like to get some feedback on.

    The program is called K game manager and it is a lightweight program designed to launch and manage your games and eventualy you gamesaves.


              * Lightweight (No requirements like .NET Framework).

              * No installation or setup. Just click and play.

              * Games are presented in a list and can be searched.

              * Auto-mount .iso and .mds/.mdf on game run.

    Thats all so far i am planning on adding a gamesave manager and auto searching for games and alot more features.

    Any feedback would be appriciated as i dont want to spend time developing a product that people dont want.

    If you would be so kind as to request feuteres and file bug reports that would also help.

    K Game Manager v0.1 : Download Zip

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