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  • Does anyone use them?

    If so what are some must haves? In other words what topics should be covered, target audience, game type etc.

  • Yes, when I take the time to slap one together. I focus more on how the game is played and the flow of the game itself. Like when I was supposedly making game for the LudamDare "Deception" challenge I did a quick 4 page Web of Deceit Design doc. I didn't focus on genre or audience. I wasn't looking to target set genre I let my game mechanic chose what it would be. As far as audience I ignore that too because sometimes what we think one audience would want actually attract another audience IMHO. I do what story I want to tell and those who find a interest in it will play it.

    So in my Web of Deceit Design Doc. I state the premise and what needs to be achieved at the end. I then create what characters might be met in the process of the game, the locations, any needed dialogue and what needs to be done to achieve certain things. I use that as my starting base and as I develop that DD shifts and changes from there.

  • I think you have something with the "not starting with a target audience".

    Very often you see games tailored to the formula of "make the most money", rather than, "make the most fun".

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  • I ignore genre because that I feel puts you in a box and you then force your mechanic to fit that aspect versus let it play how it play. So I say make it how you want it to play and afters find where it fits if it even does. Because you choose fps early on and maybe there is a better method of execution but you can't see that because your making it fit FPS qualities.

  • If you plan on having animations in your game i highly reccomend reading over this: ... 5d2f9e012c

    It is not the animators bible like most people claim. It is a great starting point though.

    Just follow along with the theories, and you can apply them to any animation package. (blender, Spriter, Synfig)

    There are some really great little tips on how to make things "look" more cartoon-ish or realistic.

  • Thanks, I read it over.

    I've been looking for info on the net, but it seems most are geared to selling the idea of a game.

    I need something motivational, yet generic enough cover most games. There are a few text templates with a few nice ideas.

  • newt

    Have you look at this. An amusing read...never finished...but good. I find I work better making my own path of doing things versus following others. ... ame+design

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