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  • Take it seriously or not, but sometimes it produces pretty fun ideas.

  • hehe I'm so gonna make this one "• An experimental game where you analyze literature in a deathmatch."

    Ign - 10/10 "possibly the biggest innovation the FPS genre has ever seen"

  • Amusing.


  • A browser game where you unlock your friends to unlock the next level.

  • Wasn't this one shared already here?

    Anyway, I like this one:

    A war game where you overanalyze restaurants and there's a terrifying monster slowly making its way towards you during the whole game.

    Includes everything: Strategy, Simulation and Horror

  • xoros is these its are randomly joined together, or each time a full string game will be shown randomly? If you know what I'm saying.

    But I liked this one: an action game where you chop up jazz singers and you're a whacky animal.

  • "An artsy game where you seduce encyclopaedias metaphorically".

    I don't know how to begin programming that one.

  • "An online game where you touch numbers and you can customize your character."

    "A shooting game where you run after rappers with a passive-aggressive sidekick."

    "A shooting game where you cheer up robot nazis but it's all explained in the end."

    "An indie game where you stare at essays from outside the game."

    "A horror game where you point your gun at zombie nazis but then skeletons."

    I think I'm gonna use this on next Ludum Dare

  • "You kill space aliens until halfway you realize you are not that all important to the plot" Ouch!! Hehe sounds emo but interesting!

    "A student project where you stop breathing if you don't destroy controversial topics with the power of Javascript"!!!! Absolutely brilliant!

    "A horror game where you drive tanks with kittens for achievement"

    "An experimental game where you party with dead bodies with occasional jump-scares"

    Haha man I could read them all day!

  • Sounds like every "realistic" FPS ever.

    Now you're talking my language.

    so spooky.

    ok ill stop now.

  • "A war game where you colonize mythological places through terrorism"

    Blizzard has already used this idea in WC3 =D

  • A tycoon game where you design nukes to make everybody happy.

  • "A horror game where you drive trucks with asteroids and the reason why becomes less and less obvious throughout the game."

    Good one! ha! Realizing that driving around asteroids might not be the best idea.

    "A mobile game where you throw jewels to unlock the next level."

    Half of all the app games!

    "A god game where you trade limbs to make a business."

    Making business with other deities maybe? Oh yes, for the Hindi ones I guess, the more limbs the merrier.

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  • I love this kind of stuff...anyway, here's some titles for these gems;

    "A sim game where you cure crops ad nauseam."

      World of Roundup

    "An arcade game where you cheer up candy with unpredictable powers."

      Super Candy Psychologist!

    "A student project where you punch statues with geolocation."

      Statue Puncher: Real Life Edition

    "A god game where you bomb countries using an expansive technology tree."

      America: The Game

    "An FPS where you wrestle extra-dimensional entities in the 'nads."

      Alien Nad Wrestler 2014

    "A war game where you collect gold from clams to prevent an evil plot."

      Clam Collector: The Wrath of Briney

    "An adventure game where you go to war with priests while being torn between the forces of good and evil."

    That...actually sounds like a great idea for a game.

    Now that's freaky...

  • This will be EPIC!

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