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  • Hi Everyone.

    This is Sunny from

    I already sell game packs here on Scirra Store.

    I have started creating Tutorials on how I create game art.

    Those who would like to learn how to create their own game art 2D/3D can hop on this bandwagon.

    I am creating tutorials every day.

    My Tutorials have been accepted by

    You can easily go through these here



  • Update: I am already creating the second course which will continue from this one - a full town map will be created as in RPG GAMES like Diablo. So different courses will lead to creating the final town, complete with rendering and particle effects in Unreal Engine.

    After that, I will be creating a course for creating cinematics in Unreal Engine, and then I will move on to create tutorials on 2D designs in Adobe Animate.

    Here are discount coupons for you all. Do try it out and give some feedback.

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  • Hi Guys. I had my first student on Udemy from Poland. I am putting the promotional video here, describing what exactly you will learn with the course,

    The second course is ready as well, I am just doing the final editing. This will be a series of courses, showing you how to create a top-down view town map in the unreal engine. Creating the buildings, the ground landscapes, the collisions in unreal, and finally the NPCs and the character itself.

    After that, I will be creating more tutorials on Contsruct3 and other game engines as well, including creating 2D graphics in Adobe Animate.

    If you learn something that will really help support many other new game designers as well, helping me create even more tutorials. So support me if you can. The coupon above still works and if you are new to Udemy, you will get a massive discount on the course as well.

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  • Hey Guys the second tutorial is up on Udemy as well.

    You can access it through my website

    Now, this tutorial teaches you to create 4 different buildings: A Totem Pillar, A Soldier Statue, A Bridge, and a Spawn Gate in Zbrush, texture them in Substance Painter, and import them inside Unreal Engine.

    This is a continuing series where we will be creating all the assets for a Diablo RPG like town map in Unreal.

    Here is the Intro video

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    Discount Coupon:

    The coupon for the first tutorial has expired, so here I am updating and adding a coupon for that one as well. Coupons last only for 30 days.

    I already have two students for the course, I would love to have some students from this site as well.

    Unreal is a huge software, but you might wish to learn this course, especially if you are a coder and wish to get good with your designing skills.

    N.B. - Udemy auto adds captions/subtitles to the videos and they obviously get mugged up, so I am in the process of manually editing all of them. So switch off the captions till it is done.

    Once I am done with unreal tutorials, I will start with construct 3 and 2D tutorials as well, so keep checking the progress.

    I do not have any inner circle of people who would be interested in such tutorials, so I am banking on all of you game devs to enroll. Do help me out if you like the quality of my tutorials.



  • Hi Guys

    I have created another tutorial.

    This time it is free tutorial.

    You will learn to model a game building using a concept sketch from a designer Bala Sutar. I have taken his permission to use his concept art to create this free course.  Due to copyright, the model is not exactly the same, and the reason why the course is free.

    If you like this free course and want me to continue and finish texturing it inside Substance Painter, you can message or vote.

    If I get more than 50 student votes, I will create a course that will complete this Building course - Zbrush to Substance Painter to Unreal Pipeline.

    Udemy link will be live in a day or two.

    More Tutorials coming soon

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  • Hi Guys

    The Free Tutorial is live on Udemy

    Here is the Link

  • Hi Guys

    I already have 100 students for the free course.

    Join in and learn and be a part of this series.

  • Ok, Guys, I have over 240 Students enrolled.

    I have completed the tutorial and created a Lab building, and soon it will become paid, as udemy only allows 2 hrs of free videos.

    To add more videos, I will have to make it paid.

    So join in as soon as possible, before it becomes paid.

    More the students, better for all of us.

    I have already started working on the fourth course, where you will be learning to create different kind of weapons, crates, barrels, and a blacksmith building.

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