Where can i get free sprite monsters?

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  • I want to add a monster character in my game. (Link Below)


    The only websites I know where game art is free are:

    1 001freedownloads (Random artwork)

    and opengameart (free artwork made for games)

    Does anybody know any other free websites.

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  • Search for : "free monster sprite" in google images.

  • Check out RPGMaker websites and google "RPGMaker Monster sprites" or "RPGMaker battler graphics"

    Important Note:

    RPGMaker is a commercial program to build JRPGs. The ORIGINAL artwork is not allowed to be used outside of RPGMaker context.

    But all of the community created stuff is usually open-source and can be used for any kind of project. Just make sure that they did not alter a original RPGMaker sprite and that they did not add a license/restriction to their work.

    The RPGMaker scene is literally full with high quality artworks - you just have to search, check and choose the right ones!

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