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  • Hello,

    I would like to introduce a very, very simple hosting service I made.

    At the beginning, I made that to make hosting score faster for my clients. But hey, why not offer this to everyone?

    Concept is simple:

    Create an account, register your game. Set some options (very few from now) and go on !

    you will get two URL to put in your game; one to save score and one to list top score.

    Free member can register 1 game. But there is a "premium" service that allows you to become PIXEL member. This is the list of possibilities

    • Game integration support
    • Unlimited saved SCORE
    • Up to 5 games
    • Collect name, firstname, email from players
    • Delete specific Score
    • Renew your game once every year
    • Future update for free...

    you can start using it at; This is for CONSTRUCT 2/3 !

    I would LOVE to get some feedback. This is a very first public app I am making so... Cheer me ahah

    Here is a capx example


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