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  • Just as graphics are crucial to a game, fonts can also make and break the flow. So here are free for commercial use fonts <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

    Now there are other sites with 'free' w conditions licenses. But FontSquirrel states that all the font they post are guaranteed as free for commercial use license. Which takes time if you visit sites like DAFonts that have alot that are only for personal use so you have to weed through fonts to find some that is good for commercial use.

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  • PhoenixNightly Actually, not all of the fontsquirrel fonts are free for commercial usage. Many are free only to a certain extent (for example, 1,000 views or users concurrently) so anyone using fontsquirrel needs to read the licensing in the License tab before using the font they want.

    Additionally, any fonts under the typical licensing agreements (most at fontsquirrel), are commercial usage only if using them as webfonts. You cannot download the fonts and use them as plain fonts in your games as that can class as distributing the font files with your work. Embedding them in your game as webfonts will be fine as long as other licensing conditions on the font's License tab are met.

    Legalities aside, it's good to see fontsquirrel getting around. Been using them in web development for years, they've got a lot of great fonts, .

  • 'Tis true but they have icons to tell you the differences in commercial usage and of course double check by reading the license. Some sites got me when after I downloaded and it said non-commercial use so I have to delete cause I don't want to mix it up with free commercial use fonts.

    But they do say to report fonts that isn't because the intent of the site if for 100% commercial use.

  • PhoenixNightly Actually, the icons are there to tell you how the font can be used, whether for embedding, documents, apps, etc. You need to check the License tab for any specific font you want to use because that is where the licensing information is contained. Free for commercial use with conditions is still free for commercial use, so Licensing is still required to be checked, you can't download every font off the site and expect it to not have conditions.

    For example, the Aller free font license contains the following conditions:

    This Free Licence Agreement supplements, and should be read in conjunction with, the standard Dalton Maag End User Licence Agreement version 1.2.

    1 You, the Licensee, are granted the right by Dalton Maag to Use the Aller Font Family, Standard Edition under the terms set out in the EULA. This free licence has a Licensed Unit size of 25 Users. 2 Use by more than 25 Users, or equivalent Website Visitors, is a breach of this Free Licence Agreement, and instead requires a commercial licence. Fontsquirrel Note: 1000 website visitors is the equivalent of 1 user. 3 Editions other than the Standard Edition of the Aller Font Family are not covered by this Free Licence Agreement, and require a commercial licence.

    So it's always important to check the License tab, not the icons that tell you 'oh, I can use it in documents freely', when in this example there's in fact the condition of 25 users, which would be breached if you had more than 25 viewers of the font being used, .

  • Yea that was what I meaning the icons help you to narrow down the uses. Where some font sites don't tell you till you download and read the readme which is annoying.

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