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  • Hello everybody,

    after a failed Windows 10 upgrade I ended up having to install Fedora.

    Does anyone else use this OS?

    I've not installed C2 yet as I've been busy getting to know the new OS. Chance is big that I'll make a new media for Windows 10, but until then: Does anyone got any tip/tricks/ideas on how to get the most out of Fedora? Maybe other free OS recommendations?

    I installed Inkscape today so that I can pick up work on graphics again.

    Well, thanks for reading my post.

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  • Might want to try a Debian based distro, like Debian, Mint, or Ubuntu,,,, I highly recommend MINT!

    Fedora has a really crappy user community. Their IRC channel pretty much sums up their attitude. You cant make a question without first asking the moderator for permission to speak first. Most of the time you will get Veto'ed , especially if you are a new user.

    Mint on the other hand works right out of the box, with most of the things new linux users want and need. The community welcomes new users, and people who troll them get banned. (Totally unlike Fedora community)


    Ubuntu is OK too, but they do not smash the trolls like the mint community. You get the jerks that start the forum post with "*Sigh*" or "well after checking google...". They have a real elitist crowed that can pretty much shame anyone that they feel like with impunity.

    Mint will help you out when it comes to propriatary drivers too. You can have mp3, DVD, and Java without having to do too much.

    Ubuntu and other Linuxes have a really stupid "Purist" thing with open source drivers. They will force you to install inferior drivers even when there are much better drivers available. The jerks who package this stuff dont even use the drivers most of the time, yet they will force their ideology / stupidity on you.

    Mint on the other hand will give you an option to choose which drivers are best suited for your computer BEFORE it installs. This way you dont waste time downloading, installing, and uninstalling crappy drivers that may even damage your computer.

    Well, anyway. Welcome to the wonderful world of Linux!

    Once you sift through all the Bullsh--t, it can be a really useful operating system.

    I am using Debian right now for my desktop, and I am using Sabiyon for my render slaves.

    If you want to use Windows applications like Construct 2, you can install WINE.

  • only a Slackware will give u the real pleasure of a linux distro...http://www.slackware.com/

  • jojoe edisone newt thanks everyone for your reply! I guess I'll be looking into a few more options, and will probably post another message about my findings. Hopefully there are some tech-priests out there that can help me out if I get stuck.

    ..(^O^)..thanks again!

  • Hey cool!

    If you are going to partition your hard disk again, maybe set aside a 2 gigabyte partition for "testing" other Linux Distros. This way you can have a working Linux, that you leave alone so you always have a working computer. And the other partition just for testing, and breaking things.

    Part of the fun is shopping around. Here is agreat site to get an overview of things:


    Notice the bar on the right, that list will show you the most popular Linux distro.

    There are thousands of ways to partition the hard disk. There are actually book written on the subject. I just do this simple Scheme:

    partion 1: Main Linux distro

    partition 2: Secondary linux distro

    partition 3: a Swap partition usually double the amount of your physical ram. This is the same thing as the windows page file.

    partition 4: your /home partition.

    The point of me showing the /home partition is a cool trick.This is where all of your allplications will store there settings. It will also have your "My documents", and all of your other user files. This will make so you can try a new distro, and not have to reset all of your Firefox bookmarks, or preferences. All of your inkscape settings will be available. On your first boot up of a new distro, you will already have your Desktop icons, and everything else.

    Here is an easy to follow guide:


    The main partitions are the root partitions. aka /

    Hope that helps!

    It really is a fun way to use your computer.

    Ask anytime. I love helping new linux people <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • no problem at all...feel free to ask if u need some help ^^

  • Well ('o') I've managed to get an old PC working again running W7. As for my broken AIO, I'll be taking jojoe advice and use it for Mint to practice and leave room to test/run other OS.

    At least I can proceed with C2 projects as well graphics and music. Has been a while since I played a good game too.

    Cheers everyone (^.^) !

  • Cool deal Tuffy! Glad to hear things are working out for you.

    If you make your /home partition a FAT32 , or NTFS format, then you can also read it with your windows 7.

    Here is a cool utility that will make a VM out of your windows 7 partition, Then you can access windows 7 without re-booting:


    It is possible to do it without the utility, but it is really time consuming.

    Steam makes it really easy to play games on Linux, here is a guide for Mint: http://www.linuxandubuntu.com/home/inst ... s-on-linux

    Hope everything works out for you <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • jojoe what's the difference between this and an ordinary (free) VirtualBox image?

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