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  • (Just to keep game asset and game sticker threads separate, I am creating this thread. All Game sticker related questions can be posted here)

    Hi Everyone

    We are launching a Video Game laptop sticker POD this week. To celebrate that we are giving 50% sale on most of our game packs starting from 12th May 2016 for 8-9 days.

    We have created some 150 game stickers from various categories like Game creatures, Game engines, game quotes, game of sports, girl gamers etc including a spoof sticker of Contsruct 2 ( with the permission of Scirra Team).

    Check this video for the special canvas paper usage on various surfaces

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    So if any one needs stickers for their games for personal or promotion purpose do contact us.

    We are already creating custom stickers for artists, game designer and comics online.

    Stickers are removable without leaving any glue residue and we have different stickers types like Canvas Fibre, PVC, Paper and Magnet as well.

    Here are few pics.

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