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  • Hi there,

    This isn't meant to be a thread about why C3 doesn't have native exports. I love C3 and the way it works. I have question more for curiosity sake.

    Some other engines have native exporters. What does that mean exactly? Do they just export their code to C++ and wrap their code for whatever engine they are using. I know this important for desktop, but what about mobile. I know that you can use C++ libraries on both Android and iOS, but is it what these engines are doing?

  • There's a variety of ways other programs do it. To most "native" means an exe is produced and the game doesn't run with an interpreted language like javascript. Or in other word the runtime is made in a compiled language.

    Construct classic had a runtime and plugins made from compiled c++ as an exe and dlls. When exporting all game resources were then just put into the exe.

    Gamemaker does something similar as far as I recall. At one point before they added encryption they just put all the game scripts as is inside the exported exe, and the exe would read and run it. It probably does the same now.

    Gdevelop looks to have the option of generating c++ code from the game project and some compiler is used. They may use resource packing as above because a compiler doesn't seem to be required.

    zGameEditor looks to implement it's own compiler that generates an exe directly.

    Godot uses precompiled runtimes that resources are packed into as well.

    Unity may either just pack resources or utilized a c# compiler to generate the exe.

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  • So really the whole native versus non-native argument has to do with desktop and consoles and not mobile.

    That's surprising that it's such a big deal. I have never had performance issues on desktop with C2 or C3. I would have thought that all of the hubbub would be about Mobile.

    Good to know!

  • Mobiles run on variants of Linux using C forms.

    Android uses Java for its os, which is not technically native, but generally thought to have better performance over Javascript, or it did at the time.

    Of course a lot of it has changed, and Java is now being phased out.

  • Desktop was an example, mobile is basically the same. Mobiles have more performance issues because they are weaker than desktops.

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