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  • I have created A racing steering wheel, gas pedal and break pedal. See Below. I'll put up a Package this weekend for about 8 standard colors but really this is more for what you need. So post the Colors you want for A & B and i'll put it on the store for $2 bucks. The Packs will be $10 for 6 colors.

    The steering wheel comes in 2 styles. Split down the middle so you can have landscape with left and right or whole as pictured for bottom center portrait.

  • Not bad, but they could be a lot better if they were made in a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator. All the edges are jagged because they weren't made as vectors, which might not be so noticeable when shrunk down to a required size, but critical eyes will notice the imperfections. Though for $2 it might be decent enough to save some time for people, . Not trying to put your work down, I appreciate your uploading resources to help others save time, these were just opinions as I used to be a web and graphic designer so I thought I'd give my two cents.

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  • I welcome input. Yes they are not vectors. I use Photoshop and its a hobby. When brought down to size for play, you can not tell at all. An i don't want to really do packages because most developers here don't have financing LOL but need some art. So i don't mind making stuff for my games with the intent of making it available to all for a very small price.

  • Oh, don't get me wrong, I appreciate that you share your hobby to help others and try to earn a little on the side (don't we all?), . Yeah, don't package them, starting larger to begin with is better because downscaling looks better than upscaling. Did you use the pen tool to make those shapes?

    Anyway, keep the submissions coming, I like the work thus far!

  • They are both pedals and wheel actually racing items. I blew them up and went 300 dpi. Then i used the pen tool to get the patterns. chopped it in half and just built 1 side of each pedal and 1 side of the steering wheel. Then mirror and group. From there I can apply my layer styles on each component. So they started as real but textures everything are changed.

    this is the original steering.

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