Can I create a game like this?

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  • Its 2 days since I started searching online for methods to accomplish my idea. Luckily I found this soft and now I need an advice. I realized I don't have enough time to study canvas , webgl and other stuff now. But I want to create a product builder like this one:

    So, can I use Constructor 2 to create such a thing? Or you would advice me to search for something else. Please be honest and help me out. I have a very nice idea about it.

  • Yes you can make.

    1) You need to have complete nutritional info

    2) Use layers and z-index

    3) Use array for storage and calculation

    You are done

  • Will I need other tools to integrate it in server and be able to deliver orders to pizza makers?

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  • You mean you want to use this for real pizza delivery, well I know only software part.

    I guess you need proper setup to show the order to you staff which I am not much aware of.

    What you can do is to use ajax to send data to server and show data to your staff from server (u may user php/mysql).

    Custome php program to show pizza to staff.

  • you could create a text based on the created pizza and send this to a database or with email plugin to an designated email adress

  • C2 outputs any kind of text upon the finishing of the project? Or I should collect it myself manually?

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