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  • For weeks I have been clicking that Google 'Search' button trying to find free domains and hosting. I stumbled upon a couple, some even claiming to unlimited disk-space and band-with. They do however bind you in some ridiculous terms that it ends up being useless to use their service. Without further adieu let me let you in the biggest score of your lives as far as free websites are concerned:

    1. Free Hosting:

    Visit - Please note that by clicking this link you will be helping me as I get a small commission if you decide to use their service. I do appreciate so very much if you use this link. However you can use this link to go directly to the Hostinger website - No hard feelings

    Upon registration you will get the following all for the price of $0

    -2000MB Space

    -100GB Traffic (Band-width)

    -PHP and MySQL

    -Site Builder

    -No Banners or Ads

    Plus you can create as many websites as you like

    2. Free Domain

    Visit where you will get free UNLIMITED domain names such as .tk .cf .ml and .ga

    You get to keep these domains for life but you renew every year, you can also register as many domains as you like - no limitations.

    I hope I have been of great help to whoever reads this post. Enjoy making cool games with construct 2 and free websites with the tools I showed you above. Peace

  • finding a webhost is a nightmare because there are so many biased reviews online. another free host is i had no problems with it other than they started forcing a few ads onto my sites. if u look for a coupon u can get a cheap $12 for first year from with a free .com domain

  • nice, i like free stuffs! going to try out

  • IndieKiwi I so agree with you. Most of the so called "free hosting" services out there aren't really free, they either want you to pay for extra features by limiting your free account or they give you these ridiculous terms and conditions that prevent you from hosting a descent website with them. Not to mention they force you to create domains with f'd up extensions!

    I have used before but the ad issue also bumped me out, but overall they have a good service. The other site I used was, they claim everything is unlimited but then again they shove these ridiculous terms in your face. They're more like Hostinger but with terms and limitations - infact I think they are supported by Hostinger itself because I remember when I hosted a website with them in the footer it showed "Hosted by Hostinger" and all my 404 erros redirected to the hostinger website [STRANGE]. Anyway the other downside about is the they're servers are always done and the cpanel always has errors.

    I shall continue looking for free services out there and sharing them with you guys. Peace!

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  • I have been using Altervista for a while now. No issues, FTP support, full php, quick Wordpress setup. Also no banners or advertisements (altervista bar can be turned off).

    Italian based, and started by an Italian student in 2000 - so they've been around for a while now.

    I have had no issues so far - actually prefer this over my previous payed for host.

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