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  • It's called Gamedevelop and can export to html5.

    Runs on both windows and linux and has a very similar design to construct.

    <img src="" border="0">

    It is completely free and available for download for ubuntu users.

    If you would like to support their development, please consider donating.

    So in fact Scirra Construct has a free clone on linux and real competition too- because right now it is the only option for linux users. <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Did I mention that it is open source and completely free too?

    Maybe not on par in terms of features, but definitely worth a try.

    It would be interesting to see how many users it will gather. If I was Ashley, I would keep a close eye on it's userbase. Linux is turning into a very mainstream OS, with china making their own OS based on ubuntu, Valve adopting it for SteamOS and many other factors that are coming together.

  • Ok it is not completely open source, but it's plugin SDK is open source!!!

    The editor is free.

    Advantages over construct2:

    • The editor runs natively on both Ubuntu and windows
    • It has Search and Replace
    • The expression editor seems to be more advanced
    • Object Families (called groups here) for free
    • It has a built in sprite converter (gif to sprite, rmxp sheet to sprite)


    • Can't lock layers
    • Can't ctrl/shift-select multiple code blocks on linux yet
    • no fancy Shaders

    -It seems that naming is not dynamic like construct. If you rename an object it wont update in the event sheet. Havent tested it properly though. The game still runs fine after renaming it though- when it should be broken.

    EDIT- this naming bug seems to be only in the linux version and happens inconsistently .

    I would be interested to hear pros and cons discovered by other construct2 users.

    It's interesting that the creator's family name is "rival". He's a french guy too. <img src="smileys/smiley3.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • blurymind : The last time I tried it, I couldn't find a lot of behaviours (I think they call it automatismes in game develop, could find a platforming one, it is not a big deal but still that was something I think it lacked), nor a lot of object (I couldn't find any tiled background like, maybe it is just me)

    But it is still a nice little program I ust say, don't know if the HTML5+Javascript produced is good though.

  • it has much less behaviors than construct at this point.

    They SDK is open sourced: and

    but not many people are contributing. Their community is humble compared to this.

    More cons to add:

    -smaller community

    -less documentation

    On the bright side- the main developer seems to be very active.

    It does have a tiled background plugin and a platforming one as well.

    The interface is somewhat different when you actually start using it- so some things look like missing at first- but are available.

    Check out the demoes that it comes with to see them.

  • - It has Search and Replace

    So does Construct2.

    Also what makes the expression editor "more advanced" in your opinion ?

  • Gamedevelop was mentioned here ages ago. First time it was something about 4 years ago... Even Gamedevelop author 4ian is still present in here ;)

    Just type Gamedevelop in the search bar and look for posts from CC forum.

  • how do you search and replace in the event sheet then?

  • Search : The ribbon - Events tab

    Replace : In event sheet view

    ress R or right-click and use the Replace object option to quickly swap objects referenced in the selection. Note that objects with references to instance variables or behaviors in the selection can only be swapped with other objects with the same instance variables and behaviors which have the same names and types.

    You can even replace an action in the same manner.

    As you mentioned, GameDevelop has poor documentation, but C2 has a great one. Be sure to read/study it.

  • More advantages over construct2:

    • The debugger allows you to pause the game, and even frame by frame it! Plus many other nice features. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Gamedevelop has a much nicer debugger.

    • very basic support for 3d (available only for native builds)
    • Dynamic 2d lights out of the box - officially supported
    • You can edit a part of a condition or execution without opening a new window
    • The platforming "automatism" has a LADDER type. No need to code ladder logic.

    -Reminding that it is the ONLY option for linux users who want to have a native construct2 look a like. I don't see construct being ported any time soon. I'd pay for it's license instead of donations, if the developer was willing to offer professional support like scirra does. I guess his strategy is somewhat different.

    • If he ported it to linux, that means that he is getting closer to porting it to mac. The engine is using platform independent libraries. Not sure if Construct2 can boast with that too.

    More disadvantages:

    • Has a bunch of starter tutorials, but no community created tutorials like construct2's. Nowhere near the number of tutorials scirra has gathered from its users.
    • Cant seem to uncomment multiple rows of code or a group. There are no groups, but you can still parent blocks to other blocks, but uncommenting a parent doesn't affect the children.
    • global and instance variables are generally harder to find in the ui.
    • less stable (the build on linux is fairly new though- give it some time)
    • The interface is good at hiding things from the user in the start. At first I though many of which are missing.
    • The sprite sheet editor has no painting tools

    A lot of things that are very similar:

    -there are too many to list. It will take me an entire day :D

  • - The debugger allows you to pause the game, and even frame by frame it!

    C2's debugger can do that as well.

  • "- You can edit a part of a condition or execution without opening a new window"

    CC had that. Its was cool and all, but to be honest I don't really miss it much.

    Especially if you consider that the object reference window wasn't available.

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  • Wow, I'm actually surprised this software is still around. Tried it years ago and it seemed kind of unreliable and feature-lacking.

    By now it seems matured and a bit like a CC / C2 hybrid to me. Might give it a whirl just for the heck of it.

  • I really like the 3D block object in Gamedevelop. You can create games like the old Wolfenstein with it.

  • It's pretty neat!

    Today a new version came out for windows and linux:

    Game Develop 3.3 is available! Download it as usual from the website.
    Entirely new icons for the interface, specifically designed for Game Develop. Many thanks to Constantine Shvetsov !
    Spanish translation available: Thanks to Franco Maciel !
    Pathfinding automatism is now available for HTML5 games.
    The pathfinding automatism has been rewritten and enhanced: You have to update your game if you're using it.
    Added condition “Trigger once”.
    Custom collision mask are now supported by HTML5 games.
    The maximum angle for a slope is now customizable for objects on platforms.
    Added “lerp” function.
    Fixed crashs
    Fixed velocity of objects not maintained after an object was resized.
    Fixed renamed automatisms not taken into account.
    Fixed ToDeg/ToRad for native games.
    Minors bug fixes.
    There is now also a twitter feed!
    and there is the fb page
    I wish this had more tutorials
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