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  • Here comes another drowing tool, this time for NDS and iPhone. Complelty free... oh iPhone version is comercial now... shite. well at least NDS version is still free.

    So what is 'Colors!'?


    About Colors!

    Colors! is a simplistic painting application combining ease of use and powerful painting tools. It is based on modern painting techniques originally developed for drawing-tablets using desktop computers. Whether you are looking for doing doodles, sketching or painting Colors! is the perfect digital sketch-book.

    Colors! was originally released in June 2007 as a simple painting application for homebrew Nintendo DS. It was developed by Jens Anderson, a programmer and designer who was on sabbathical from the games-industry and wanted to experiment with the potential of the new handheld platforms. Shortly after, Rafal Piasek created this gallery where users could upload their paintings for everyone to see.

    Colors! quickly became one of the most known homebrew application on Nintendo DS and has to date more than 250000 downloads world-wide (Nov 2008). In September 2008, Colors! was also released for iPhone and iPod Touch.

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    Software is great. You can draw concept arts for your games with ease. You can use it as you portable art-note book. Colors! - site.

    PS. I Have been using NDS vesrion of it. It's brilliant! And i mean it. Unfortunetly NDS R4 card i have been using liturally broke when i was on the aeroplane ><.

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