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  • Hello everybody,

    This question might have already been asked but I haven't seen it in the related CocoonJS + Admob tutorials/topics and I was wondering whether you are forced to use the CocoonJS splash screen when you are using the approach to integrate ads in your app using CocoonJS + Admob + Mobup and using their compiler?

    In the FAQ of CocoonJS they state that the logo will always be present unless you ask them or do something in your dashboard.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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  • I contacted them recently about this and was told that I could remove the splash screen permanently from all my games for a once-off fee of $1000. Otherwise, we need to wait until they eventually figure out their premium pricing plan (it's still in the works apparently), and then there'll be an option to do so for hopefully a more reasonable price.

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