CocoonIO - Supports now Steam, Windows 10, Linux and MacOS!

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    Ludei has published a new update for its cloud service CocoonIO. Now you are able to publish games to following platforms (in addition to iOS and Android).

    • Windows 10
    • Ubuntu
    • MacOS
    • Steam


    New platforms

    This has been the main feature we have been working on these last months. Now the Cocoon cloud compiler can compile and sign applications for some new platforms.

    Windows 10

    Windows 10 target will run on any Windows 10 based computer, tablet (ie. Surface) or mobile device and you will be able to distribute and monetize your app/game through the Windows Marketplace.


    This target will run on any MacOS based computer and more importantly, you can distribute your app/game through the MacOS AppStore so everyone can find, buy and install your app or game from there.


    This target will work on any Ubuntu based device.


    As Steam is a desktop based platform, having binaries for Windows 10, MacOS and Ubuntu opens up the possibility of publishing those games for Steam too, probably the biggest games distribution platform at the moment.

    At the moment this state is in beta and only available for paid memberships (silver or higher)

    I'll publish some tutorials on how to use the new built system.


    Coming soon

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  • Really interesting. Does the Steam integration also allows you to have achievements and such?

  • Really interesting. Does the Steam integration also allows you to have achievements and such?

    I'm not sure about that at the moment. I hope ludei will publish a plugin for the steam api like Leaderboard and Achievements.

    Once I got some news about that, I'll let you know here.



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