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  • Hello, I'm sure a few of you are at least aware of Blight. Yes, I suck at updating the thread, but I am indeed working on it still :-P

    Anyways, music is actually my primary focus/trade, and I thought here may be as good a place as any to share my

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    . It's all stuff I've made, and is a mixture of synthesized and real playing. Let me know what you think! And, of course, I'm open for inquiries about commissions.


    What I offer

    I've loved gaming since I could hold a controller and soon thereafter found a passion for music. The combination of them is my ideal and what drives my pursuits, along with the goal of impacting the listener. I make exceptional music while being very personable and professional. I excel at a variety of genres and styles, with orchestral being a particularly fond setting. I'm classically trained, have played instruments for over a decade, composed for just under a decade, have a degree in music composition, and am no stranger to electronic or live sources of sound. I'm looking to create custom soundtracks for your game while being great about communication back-and-forth to make sure it gets done right.

    Demos <font color="red">Click this stuff!</font>


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    is the latest compilation of my recent works in one convenient place. A variety of styles are represented in it.


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    of Zelda: Majora's Mask as posted on OverClocked Remix.


    A lighter piece composed just for fun/exhibition.

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    Solo piano arrangement of Chill Man and Wily Tower 1-1 from Mega man

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    commissioned for the University of South Carolina (aired on ESPN, CBS, etc.)


    Full tracks

    And more full tracks!


    I offer either exclusive or non-exclusive custom content. Either way, the music would be made per-spec to your project, but a non-exclusive agreement would allow the music to be used elsewhere by me and only for a single project of yours. Exclusive content is exclusive to you as a developer/studio and would be unavailable for any other clients. You would also be able to use it in multiple projects. This can be hammered out in greater detail on a project-by-project basis.

    All payment would be after completion of track (the fair way to do it). I would discount the prices further for larger quantities of music required. That way, larger soundtracks wouldn't be as prohibitive.


    I can be contacted at <img src="http://www.adamprack.com/email.png" border="0">, via message on the Scirra forums, or by message on youtube.

    adamprack.com or youtube.com/adamprack for more!

    I look forward to hearing from you about your project!

    I'm available for any needs you may have for original music. Pricing can be very flexible for the type of project at hand, so let me know what ideas you have in mind.

  • Moved to "Tools/Ressources" in advance, waiting for the edit of the first post, we spoke on IRC.

    The reel is pretty cool.

  • Thanks for moving this Kyatric. Here are a couple other things you guys might enjoy. Firstly, I did a commercial advertising the University of South Carolina that aired during athletic events this last football season (So ESPN, CBS, etc.) which you can check out


    I also had a remix posted to OverClocked Remix this last fall using Zelda: Majora's Mask which you can check out here. Have a listen!

  • links dont work....:(

  • links dont work....:(

    Huh. No earthly idea why all the links had gone way, but they all work now! Thanks for letting me know.

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  • I added a few more pieces to the original post. All of them are youtube links, so you don't have a good reason to not click them <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hey, everyone.

    Kastas, a user on here, just released an iPhone/iPad game using some of my music. Check it out! It's pretty neat! Admittedly, it isn't made with Construct, but still neat nonetheless!

  • Very good music, it's nice to see many talented people here. :]

  • Here's the latest trailer for Blight. For this thread, the trailer music would be the focus, of course!


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