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  • Its now been released as freeware and had some updates recently.

    Its good for putting together music for games and websites. Or creating loop based samples.

    Its got lots of features, see the website for info and links

  • "Trend Micro has confirmed that this website can transmit malicious software of has been involved in online scams or fraud".

    Just incase your browsing without protection. Amazingly some people still do.

  • you got to be kidding, the website is a flash site created and hosted on well known truated wix's own server......

    The software has been hosted on hundreds of software sites including big ones like bestvistadownloads, and brothersoft.

    I got emails telling me the software has been certified virus, malware and spyware free by numerous sites.

    Thats a false positive.

    Show me the link you speak of

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  • Weird huh?

    The antivirus company is called Trend Micro, on some pages you just get a warning but with this one its a confirmed warning.

    There is no link to give as it pops from my antivirus software. But im sure if you were to email them they would respond eventually.

    I was actually keen to take a look. It might be a false positive, but I would better be safe than sorry.

  • you can download it from a shareware site, they check before they list software... id prefer it if you could remove your replies..cos its nothing to worry about,182493-order,4/description.html

  • Just to be clear, I was never talking about the software. The website you posted comes up a dangerous website to browse. What I posted was done in the interests of the Scirra community and I honestly would feel irresponsible to edit them now.

    If it truly is a false positive then Im actually doing you a favour by mentioning it (because now you can clear it up with Trend Micro). Still, im a little over it at this point. If you contact a moderator he/she of course has my permission to remove my posts.

    Next time ill just look out for myself.

  • ok dont worry il contact them. thanks

  • Ok they emailed me back


    This URL has now been removed.

    Can you please confirm that it is okay for you now?

    Thank you.



    Trend Micro EMEA-OM Service Request Submission <>;

    Can you please now check if the site works for you?

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