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  • EDIT: Major Overhaul and complete Re-write of the app. Now has 6 user definable options for image export sizes. At the moment the user needs to take care to order the resizes from biggest to smallest as will resize off the last conversion but will update this in next few days.

    Very easy to use, just:

    1. Run the app (open the .exe)

    2. Click Open Image and select the Image you want resized

    3. If just making Construct Icons then Just hit go (the 6 sets of boxes are pre set to these sizes)

    3.1. If custom sizes then edit the boxes to suit and leave boxes not needed empty (app skips the empty resize boxes)

    4. All You're resized images are in the media folder that is with the app.


    Screen Grab:

    and a new video:



    wanted a quick simple way of batch resizing an image for all the icon sizes required so made a quick app in AGK that runs on windows that does just that.

    Very basic (I am no coder),

    opening the app presents user with a select image box (Takes any Size image, but works best if Image is 512x512 or Larger)

    browse to and open image

    app automatically resizes and exports to set sizes

    512x512, 256x256, 128x128, 64x64, and 32x32

    close app (might make this automatic)

    Here's a Video of it

    If anyone is interested let me know, Things I will do if others want it

    1. Change save path from default (at the moment saves to default which is hidden folder APPDATA unders users)

    2. Change the Icon (be bad to have an Icon app which uses a default AGK icon <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz">)

  • Ok so I got the Save path for the images to go into wherever the app is run from, meaning if you run the app from a USB stick it will save to USB stick under the folder included called media. Just note do not delete the bytecode.byc in the folder as then app will not run. No need to delete images after running the app as they will be overwritten every time anyway. So steps are

    1. Open the .exe

    2. Select your image

    3. Open media folder

    4. thats it all your resized images are there ready to drop into your construct app as icons.

    zipped download is 2.6Mb

    feel free to leave feedback.

    one side note the image the app displays at the end looks blurry because it is just displaying the final resize, so it is stretching out the 16x16 , actually shows each one as it goes but it goes that fast you don't see them.

  • Another Update, Now allows you to define a size of your liking for single resizes or click the icons button to generate the icon sizes. Zip file linked to above has been updated.

    also added 16x16 as I didnt notice that was on C3 aswell

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  • My Final Update for this App.

    Now has Default button to restore default sizing options

    Added Keyboard Shortcuts:

    1. Enter for GO

    2. ESC to Exit app

    3. O to chose Image

    4. C to clear out the edit box options

    Added function to restore image between resizing, so if you do a small then large it wont just re-scale the small image back up

    More info and the AGK source code available here: ... atch-sizer

    download link stays the same, and is also available at above address

  • Nice work man, saved a lot of time. Could you add 114x114 as the default too because that is one of the icon sizes too (Well on c2 it is)

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